Employment opportunities

The placement in the working context for graduates of the Master Programme concerns both the public and private spheres.

Public administrations: PAs are called upon to implement a set of rules that directs them in digital transition paths, towards the digitization of documents and the dematerialization of administrative procedures, providing for new professional figures, such as – for example – management managers documentary, conservation, digital conservation service and digital transition.

Companies and other private entities: in the private sector, there is a strong interest in cutting the costs of paper document production and in seizing the opportunities offered, among other things, by the new rules on electronic invoicing and digital archiving of tax documents

Accredited registrars: accredited registrars are public and private entities that carry out the conservation of IT documents and that have achieved the recognition of the highest level requirements. The Agency for Digital Italy requires accredited registrars to have professional profiles such as those trained by the Master Programme.


Synergies with the job market

 With the aim of encouraging the integration of the Master Programme participants into the job market and completing their studies with the presentation of concrete cases and advanced technological solutions, synergies have been activated with companies operating in the Electronic Document Management sector. The Partners page lists the companies and institutions that collaborate with the Master Programme and that have given their willingness to welcome students for internship activities. Of course, this list does not exhaust all the possibilities for internships in private companies or public administrations that the master can activate: the list is constantly updated.