Teaching Plan

The Master Programme includes 1500 hours of total commitment; of these, 300 hours are for teaching activities (face to face and remote), 300 hours for internship and 900 for individual study.

The face-to-face activities will take place in premises and classrooms equipped in accordance with the safety requirements imposed for the COVID emergency and the rules adopted by the University of Macerata for teaching purposes. If, due to exceptional events, such as the coronavirus emergency, it is not possible to carry out the lessons in presence in the designated locations, these will be held electronically with the technological platforms of the University of Macerata, maintaining the same teaching contents and reshaping time programming to encourage attendance and make the most of the potential of the platforms used.

For the 300 hours of internship, internships in smart working and in presence outside the University are authorized in entities – public administrations or companies – that have taken all necessary measures to minimize the risk of proximity and aggregation

The internship or project work activity generally takes place in the period between July and November; this year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, students will have additional time to complete it. Attendance is compulsory and cannot be less than 75% of the total hours provided for each module: in particular, attendance cannot be less 75% of the total hours of face-to-face lessons. The resulting overall teaching plan is shown in Table 1.


Table 1. Teaching plan of the Master Programme, 

Table 2 specifies the teachings provided in each module